Craftsmanship combined with the most advanced technologies available

Relying on a lean, young and highly professional structure, the company developed the right known-how to capitalize the experience, the technology and the creative evolution of the sector. In fact, these features represent strategical elements for North-Eastern Italy and for the whole made in Italy system.
Finding a valid balance between engineering, productivity and flexibility of the departments, today G. & F. is able to satisfy even the most demanding customers and to manage production batches which vary from few units to thousands of pieces.


The production processes of the company are carried out in a highly professional manner, which also respects the existing European or International regulations, thus meeting standards and requirements placed by the clients. Upon possible request, it is feasible to subject the production samples to technical and standard tests done by various certification bodies, thus releasing specific guarantees for the tests made.


Horizontal panel saw that performs panel sectioning, creating different sizes according to customer needs with the use of a cutting optimizer capable of minimizing materials’ processing waste.

Squaring and edge banding process

Fully automated NC plant, equipped to work with variable thicknesses (from 4 to 70 mm), including possible application of edge bandings in paper, ABS, PVC and wood by using polyurethane adhesives; millings even inclined on edges and surfaces, with trimming of leading and trailing edges, rounding, profiling of both edges and angles.


Set of automatic, semiautomatic and numerical control drilling machines for the realization of even particularly complex drilling with the possibility of simultaneously machining.

Milling and drilling process

Department with various routers having also inclined shafts; automatic, semi-automatic and NC system drillers used for special millings and drillings on panels and on solid wood.

Pantograph process

CNC 5-axis machining centre used that performs various pantographic, milling and drilling operations even on already painted products.

Sanding and painting process

Automated numerical control sanding line with the possibility of finishing and brushing. Spray painting department for sampling and batch management that requires “just in time” and painting management service both in carousel and in UV line.

Assembly and packaging process

Cleaning, assembly and packaging department, represent the final stage of the production process and the last accurate quality control over details, before delivering the product to the client.